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In Bugsnax, you play a journalist who crash lands on the Isle of Snaktooth, a mysterious landmass full of Bugsnax. These are critters that look like all sorts of modern, delectable meals. You're here to meet Lizbert Megafig, an intrepid explorer who rounded up a gang of brave grumpuses to investigate the island.

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The game has you catching Bugsnax, exploring the island thoroughly, solving mysteries, and forging relationships with the grumpuses of the Megafig exploration mission. Here's our complete guide to the game, which will help you every step of the way.

How To Catch Every Bugsnax In The Game

The main feature of the game is catching lots of Bugsnak, and you have a ton of tools for the job. Here are our in-depth guides to each area of the game!

In addition to the normal, run-of-the-market snax, there are a few Legendary Bugsnax that you can encounter. These are the game's equivalent of boss fights. Tasty, tasty boss fights.

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Quest And Collectible Guides

This game isn't just about collecting Bugsnax. Oh, no. There are plenty of grumpuses to meet and become friends with, a rich story to experience, and a home to decorate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions and answers that we couldn't fit into the previous guides!

How Do You Unlock New Areas To Explore?

Areas are unlocked by completing the game. You need to complete all the quests that convince characters to return to Snaxburg, go interview them when they're back at the town, and then talk to Filbo. There will be some sort of event involving every character, and then the next areas will open up.

How Do You Access The Free DLC Area?

To unlock Broken Tooth Island, you'll need to complete the personal side quests of Snorpy, Chandlo, Shelda, Triffany, and Floofty.

Once you've done this, head to Snaxburg and talk to Chandlo and Snorpy to begin the new questline.

How Do You Unlock The Secret Path Between Boiling Bay And Sizzlin' Sands?

Now that fast-travel is in the game, this secret path is no longer that helpful. It still exists though!

  • To unlock the path in Sizzlin' Sands, head to the four statues to the left of the entrance. You have to interact with them in the order that they're looking at each other, starting with the statue that doesn't have another statue facing it.
  • To unlock the path in Boiling Bay, head to the large cavern full of lava. There are four Cocomite statues, each with a different amount of straws. Interact with them in order, from the lowest amount of straws to the highest.

How Do You Get Inside The Triplicate Space In Boiling Bay?

The Bigsnax update added the Triplicate Space as a totally new area. Head to our complete guide to the area to find out how to get inside.

How To Carry More Bugsnax?

To expand your Snakpack, you need to donate Bugsnax to Gramble's barn. There are two expansions to get, and you'll end up with 18 slots eventually.

How To Make It Rain?

To make it rain, you can simply rest in a bed. Every time you rest, you move forward in time by one day. Keep resting until you reach a day with rain. This is useful for catching the Caramel Poptick in Flavor Falls, which only appears when it's raining.

How Do You Get More Types Of Sauce?

Sauces are linked to areas, and eventually you'll have access to six types. The table below shows you where you can get every type of sauce in the game.

Sauce TypeAreas
KetchupGarden Grove
ChocolateSimmering Springs, Boiling Bay, Sizzlin' Sands
Hot SauceScorched Gorge, Sizzlin' Sands
Peanut ButterSugarpine Woods, Frosted Peak
Ranch DressingFlavor Falls
CheeseSizzlin' Sands

All six types of sauce will be available at Wambus's farm once you've collected it once. In addition, Broken Tooth has all six types of sauce plants.

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Reviews And Features

Find out what we think of the game, along with some takes that are hotter than a Scorpenyo!

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