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Getting good in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive requires you to coordinate your attacks and defenses with the help of teamwork. Whether you are in a situation where you need to rush to the bomb site to plant the bomb or fight your way inside the room where the enemy is holding the target hostage, you will need to have a plan.

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Smoke Grenades are part of the throwable accessories you can get to cover paths with smoke, which are necessary in moving from one place to another without crossing enemies' paths. This guide will cover the best smoke spots on the Dust 2 map to help you get around without getting in the enemies' line of fire.


Setting Up A Practice Match

Before you start practicing smoke grenade spots on Dust 2, you need to apply some settings and commands to the map for you to practice.

First, open the Settings menu and head to the Game tab. From there, look for the Enable Developer Console and choose Yes from the dropdown box. It will enable the console menu where you can insert the commands. Press the ~ (Tilda) button on your keyboard to open the console menu in-game.

To start practicing on Dust 2, open the console and type map de_dust 2 in the console. Once you press Enter, a casual match will begin, but with the bots. To remove the bots from the game, type bot_kick in the console.

After that, enter the following commands to set up for practice:

  • sv_cheats 1 - Enables cheats in-game.
  • mp_roundtime_defuse 60 - Increases the time of the round to 60 minutes.
  • mp_freezetime 0 - Removes the freeze time at the start of every round.
  • mp_restartgame 1 - It will restart the game to apply the above changes.
  • sv_infinite_ammo 1 - Gives you infinite ammo so that you can have an unlimited amount of Smoke Grenades on you.
  • give weapon_smokegrenade - Gives you Smoke Grenades for practice.
  • sv_grenade_trajectory 1 - Shows a trail when you throw a Smoke Grenade. It will allow you to see the path that your grenade will take.
  • bind n noclip - It will bind the "n" button on your keyboard to noclip. Noclip allows you to fly in the air and go through walls so you can follow the grenade you threw and see where it lands. You can change the noclip button by replacing the alphabet "n" in the command with a button of your choice.
  • bind "T" "+jump; -attack; -jump" - This is an important command that will help you with Jump Throw smokes. Some smoke spots will require you to jump and throw the smoke grenade at the same time. When done manually, there is a chance of error. The command removes the possibility of error and throws the smoke at the apex of the jump, which covers more distance. You can change the bind button by replacing the letter "T" with the button of your choice.

When you have entered all the commands and started the map, it is time to learn the best smoke spots on Dust 2.

T Spawn To Middle X-Box

Stand in the corner of T spawn, as seen in the picture above. Aim straight from the line and place the crosshair horizontally with the top of the chimney. Click the left mouse button and press the Jump Throw key that you set. The Smoke Grenade will land directly on the middle x-box and block the view of CTs looking towards Catwalk.

Outside Long To A Long Corner

Stand in between the boxes outside long and aim vertically from the spot as you can see in the picture. Press left-click, and the smoke will land directly on the corner of A Long and block the view from A Long Car.

A Long Doors To Under A Site

Outside the Long A Doors, there is a barrel on the side of the door. Stand beside the barrel and the wall and aim towards the edge of the roof on your left. Move the cursor to the right till it's vertically in the middle of the lamp, as you can see in the picture.

Run forward till your crosshair is under the metal shed right in front of you and click the left mouse button. The smoke grenade will bounce off the front wall and land directly under the A Site. It will block the view from CT Spawn and Mid, but there will be a small gap to the right side of the smoke. You can jump from that spot, and the enemies will not be able to react in time.

Mid X-Box To CT Spawn

Place yourself in the right corner of the middle x-box and aim towards the middle of the dark spot on the front wall. Move the crosshair slightly towards the right till it's above the line and just left and down from the small spot.

Press the left mouse button to throw the smoke grenade, and it will land outside the CT Spawn and block the view of Mid and B Doors from the spawn.

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Upper Tunnels To B Site

Stand in the middle of the pillar in Upper Tunnel and aim towards the big dark spot on the tunnel wall. Move your crosshair slightly to the left from the spot, as you can see in the picture. Click the left mouse button, and the smoke grenade will land at the entrance of the tunnel and block the view from B Doors and B Site.

The enemies can still see from the box placed directly in front of the tunnel.

Upper Tunnels To B Doors

In the Upper Tunnels, place yourself directly in the middle of the small crate. Look straight up and move the crosshair directly above the point that joins the pillar and the wood. Press left-click on your mouse to throw the smoke.

It will smoke the B Doors and block the view of the B Site from Mid. You can easily pass across the B Doors from the Tunnels without getting seen.

CT Spawn To Middle

This smoke spot will help you rush from CT Spawn to Lower Tunnels and Mid at the start of the round.

Stand on the edge of the left CT Spawn wall and aim towards the electricity pole. Move the crosshair from the pole towards the right so that it is vertically straight above the edge of the block on top of the gate.

Run back a little and throw the smoke. It will land in the Mid and block the view of the snipers looking from the Top of Mid.

A Long Car To A Long Doors

Stand in the middle of the back tire of the car at A Long. Look at the yellow building and place your crosshair towards the bottom line of the leftmost window of the building. Move your crosshair horizontally towards the left from the bottom line of the window till the crosshair is perfectly below the electric pole.

Click the left mouse button to throw the smoke grenade directly in front of A Long Doors. It will help you stop enemies rushing from the other side by blocking their view.

A Site Boxes

You will use this smoke spot when getting rushed from A Long and A Short. It will block the view of enemies from A Long, and you can focus on enemies coming from A Short.

Crouch in the corner of the left box and aim your crosshair on the middle line, right under the digit "4" marked on the box. Throw the grenade, and it will land on the corner of the A site.

These are all the essential Smoke Spots in Dust 2 to keep your teammates safe from the enemies while moving towards the objective.

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