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As you build your party and progress through Metal Max Xeno Reborn's campaign, there will be WANTED monster battles that you can revisit with a higher chance for success. For example, Manzappa is a monster you would need to retreat from when alone. However, Manzappa becomes a manageable enemy you can fight head-on with a complete party.

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A handful of factors will positively impact your chances in battle. First, filling your party is essential. Second, equipping appropriate weapons that exploit Manzappa's weaknesses is a huge boon. Lastly, you should know the surrounding area enough to find cover when necessary. You'll be in excellent fighting shape if you cover these bases!

What Do You Need To Know About Manzappa?

Manzappa essentially looks like a larger version of the Laser Walkers you'll see roaming Big Atrium Exterior and Spider Gully. However, while Laser Walkers can get taken down in a couple of shots, Manzappa takes much more firepower to eliminate. This heightened difficulty may explain why this monster has a hefty bounty of 28,000 G.

The Wanted Info Database cites the following report:

"<Defense Force 13th Transport Corps: Damage Report>

Anti-human weaponry advancing on the north of the Big Atrium! The 1st convoy ahead of us has engaged, they're saying electrical weapons are effective... Wait, oh no! We've lost contact! Enemy sighted! All troops, retreat! Retreaaaaat!"

Furthermore, the monster library lists the following information about Manzappa:

  • Description: "A walking extermination device. Even now it waits in the ruins of Distokio, waiting to eliminate any life that may emerge."
  • EXP: 600
  • Gold (excluding bounty): 426 G
  • Elemental Effects:
    • 50% Weakness to Flame attacks.
  • Dropped Items
    • Manzappa Core
    • Small burst muzzle
    • Deadly Offset W2
    • Killing Core

Where Will You Find Manzappa?

As the WANTED monster data report indicates, you'll find Manzappa outside the Big Atrium. Continue traveling north, in the same direction you would take to the Spider Gully. To the left of the debris-ridden bridge, you'll notice a crowd of Laser Walkers roaming the desert. Among these monsters is the towering Manzappa.

Even if you do not yet have access to the bridge, avoiding Manzappa is easy, albeit a little risky. First, you'll have to drive through the desert field, past Manzappa. However, you can make this path less cumbersome by shooting down whatever Laser Walkers your cannons can reach. Considering Laser Walkers offer 426 G per kill, it makes sense to shoot down as many as possible so you can farm gold for weapons that can take on Manzappa.

What Weapons Should You Equip?

When preparing for your fight against Manzappa, you need to consider two of the enemy's weaknesses: electricity and fire. Therefore, you should make room for weapons with these properties on your vehicles.

Flamethrower and Thunderbolt are two relatively affordable machine guns you can use for this mission. Furthermore, if you've already defeated Gun Taurus, you can also craft yourself a Crimson Taurus S-E. Lastly, when it comes to cannons, try to defeat Zamza before taking on Manzappa. This way, you can use the Zamza Core to craft Thunder Blade​​​.

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How To Defeat Manzappa

It's vital to build your party before facing off against Manzappa. Unfortunately, there aren't the same opportunities for coverage compared to fighting Zamza or Gun Taurus. This lack of coverage makes fighting the monster solo a terrible idea. Luckily, you can add two more members to your party, Toni and Yokky, by completing The Last Drunkard and DEAD OR ALIVE subquests.

When battling Manzappa, you need to exploit its electric and flame weaknesses. First, use electric attacks to break down Manzappa's flame resistance. Then, targeting Manzappa with heavy-hitting flame weapons, like Crimson Taurus, will cause severe damage.

As you can see, once you build up your party and equip effective elemental weapons, your battle against Manzappa will become quick work. However, if you need a chance to breathe, there is a hiding spot in the area behind some crates. This area is the same place where you'll find the Bizonte-F tank with your metal detector.

Still, too many retreats will cut your battle short, and Manzappa will disappear. Therefore, it's best to hold out as long as possible in battle before you miss your chance to take the monster out.

What Weapons Can You Craft From Manzappa Parts?

Manzappa drops some advantageous parts after it's defeated. For instance, the small burst muzzle is an essential material for any Burst cannons from 88 to 120mm. Plus, the Killing Core is a beneficial upgrade material for various weapons. However, the Manzappa Core is a massive asset for crafting the Cannon Tube, a robust machine gun. Here's some more info about this heavy-hitting anti-air weapon.

Cannon Tube

  • Cost: 1,000 G
  • Materials Required: 1 Manzappa Core, 2.70 t High-tech Scrap
Weapon Stats
TypeMachine Gun, Anti-Air
Attack Power680
Weight5.10 t
Range (1)100m
Range (2)Single 1 Time
Hit Rate+48%

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