We're getting close to the launch of the first mainline Saints Row entry since 2013, and we now have a clearer idea of what the game will look like. However, until we get our hands on it August, we won't really know how to feel about it. And with the demo only letting us try out the character customization, fans are discussing what they would like to see from the full game.

From bringing back Saints Row 2 features, cheat codes, better enemy A.I., and dildo bats, fans have no shortage of suggestions for the upcoming reboot. Overall, it seems that the Saints Row community wants Volition to cram in as much content as possible, and make this a Saints Row game worth waiting and rebooting the series for.


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"I’m hoping to see full-blown cutscenes that begin or end (preferably both) missions akin to Saints Row 2," says Reddit user EjdSmith. "I’m hoping to see the leaders of enemy gangs actually be imposing threats that we have to take down after defeating their gangs".

Pengyzin agrees, hoping to see a heavy emphasis on how much of a threat the other gangs pose. "I really hope you can still manage [your gang] even after you take over the city, and that either the gangs return stronger or new threats arise looking to attack the Saints", they say. "There's nothing I don't wanna see, the more the merrier. That includes the dildo bats as well."

However, some fans, such as Competitive-Gold-903, do have some features they don't want to see in the game. "What I don't want this game [to do] is cut out single-player modes so you can only fully enjoy the online aspect of the game."

Zach_the_zombie also has a feature they don't in the game: "I really hope the missions won't just be cut-scenes that open into activities like the third".

Overall, it seems that fans are hoping Saints Row reflects the first two titles more, rather than the last two. This isn't surprising, as 3 and 4 were, while popular, a huge tonal departure from their predecessors. As Genderneutralsky points, out, it is often said that the enemy A.I. got a lot weaker in the latter two games, with Saints Row 2 being much harder.

In any case, we'll see what Volition has in store for us August 23, 2022, when Saints Row launches on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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